• Paid social strategic roadmap and on-going optimization partnership.

  • Paid social strategy and day-to-day optimization management.

  • Set up time to discuss how we could partner together


STEP 1: Discovery call

During our call, we will align on your business, your short-term/long-term goals, and connect on a handful of questions so I have enough information to prepare a proposal that best fits with your needs.


In our proposal discussion, I'll take the goals we discussed, align on the best course of action, and talk through fees. If you'd like any changes to occur we can collaborate, sign a contract, and get started! 


At this point, we've agreed to work together. In order to set up our partnership for success, I'll need to gain access to your ad account(s), online store, and any additional reporting tools (such as google analytics).

STEP 4: It's go time!

Here we will document our goals, connect on campaign strategies, and a converting website structure, then get our ads started. We'll align on a meeting cadence that's best suited for your business and continue to measure our on-going optimizations.

Are you ready to increase sales on your eCommerce store?



Carlee and I worked directly together on executing product releases accordingly through social media, ads, and marketing for almost 2 years. Carlee is incredibly attentive, fast-working, and very highly knowledgeable about trends, markets, etc. that only increased her ability to perform. Her input and creative drive was always valued and welcomed in each project we worked together on, and she was always open to exploring new strategies in order to build the best campaigns. I really enjoyed working with Carlee - she was a great partner and colleague!