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Hey, I'm Carlee C Nelson

A Facebook/Instagram and TikTok Ads expert that partners with growing eCommerce DTC brands.

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Throughout my 7+ years of experience managing Facebook/Instagram Ad campaigns, I’ve seen the algorithm go through massive changes, including iOS 14 updates. Throughout these shifts, I believe in focusing on ad creative, coupled with the best messaging angle in order to beat your competitors in the ad auction.


I became a freelancer about 2 years ago after a full-time role at Love Your Melon. This is where I found my passion for scaling ad campaigns that are directly tied back to revenue. Then I began working with a variety of other brands such as AG Jeans, The Pulse Boutique, K18, and many more. 


From this experience, I’ve learned how to make data-driven decisions in order to scale revenue-driving performance and when it’s time to shift to other testing opportunities. When you work with me, I will manage your ad campaigns closely, communicate how campaigns are performing, and deliver data-driven recommendations.

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Media buying

I provide campaign management on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok for your eCommerce brand. I'll enable my proven strategies in order to scale your business from spending $5k to $100k+ per month.

ad creative

My media buying strategy relies heavily on consistent ad creative testing. The quantity of ad creative tests per week varies by client. I'll work with my partner(s) OR work with your team to execute your unique ad creative strategy. 


I'll write and enable ad copy tests that are strategic, compliments the creative assets, represent your brand, and ultimately focuses on driving incremental purchase conversions.




"Carlee ran social media ads for Love Your Melon for over 2 years. She developed strategies, set KPIs, and scaled campaigns weekly to maximize the potential of our product releases. Carlee is dedicated and personally invested in the performance of her ads. She integrates the voice of the brand to speak to the customer directly in a way they can relate to. She brought new ideas to the table, built action plans to achieve them, and committed herself to seeing them through. Carlee was great to work with and I'm excited to see her continue to create success for brands around the world."


Working with Carlee has been amazing!! Before I partnered with her,  I was extremely frustrated with the direction, strategy and revenue generated from our ads. Once Carlee joined our team we immediately started to see conversions and it’s been an upward trend ever since she has joined. Within 3 months we have 2x our overall revenue and have done this profitably. What makes Carlee unique is that she really takes the time to know your brand, is knowledgeable about ad strategy ,  and is extremely creative, constant thinking of new ideas and ways to market your brand within ads. Overall, I’m so happy to have Carlee on our team!


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