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Hey there! I'm Carlee Christine - a freelancer that specializes in Facebook / Instagram and TikTok ads for eCommerce direct-to-consumer brands.


With my 6 years of experience in social media buying, the Facebook algorithm has shifted from focusing on micro interest targeting to a more broad and consolidated approach. With this approach, I strongly believe in testing ad creative(s) and ad copy messaging in order to scale e-commerce stores.

Throughout my experience, I've led and managed ad campaigns for a variety of brands including AG Jeans, Tina Davies, Pulse Boutique, PubPass, and Love Your Melon.

Every month I manage over $500k in ad spend while achieving 2-4X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and unique Media Efficiency Ratio's (MER) goals. Based on your business, we will work together on the best way to measure social media buying efficiencies. 

Are you ready to continue growing your eCommerce business? If so, let's connect! 

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